A patient-level, encounter-based electronic medical record system for mobile and desktop
From the same team that developed Tupaia.org and mSupply Mobile

Tamanu Electronic Medical Record


Built on 5 principles

2. Desktop and Mobile
Out-of-the-box for inpatients, outpatients and community, no 3rd-party plug-ins needed.
4. Sync-enabled
Work online or offline with no limits, syncing whenever internet is available, no latency.
1. Free & open-source
Contribute to the global development community, with the security of no-one ‘owning’ your code.
3. Seamless integration
Integrates with mSupply, mSupply Mobile, Tupaia, DHIS2. ICD-10, GS1 compatible.
5. Data security
Industry-standard encryption protocols, powerful security features, fit-for-purpose.
Designed for rural, remote and low resource settings

Fully featured EMR software

Patient Scheduling
Schedule patients, staff, locations and appointment types
Customisable Programs
Add and configure customised health programs (e.g. NCDs, social welfare, antenatal care…)
Medication charts and inventory management via world-first interoperability with mSupply
Inpatient, outpatient, clinics
Seamless management across the care continuum, secure patient records
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